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Foot and Mouth Game
Foot and Mouth Game   Foot and Mouth Game

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Foot and Mouth

Foot and Mouth is an arcade game on in which you try to protect a cow in the farm and prevent it from being stolen by masked men. You are an excellent guard. One day, a number of wolves pretend to be sheep and break into the farm. You have to kill them in several ways. You may use a machinegun to fire at them, or throw a grenade at them, or attack them with dynamite, or shoot them by a flamethrower. The invaders will be shot with their bodies full of holes, or be exploded into pieces, or be burnt into ashes. But when you use dynamite, one of them will put the dynamite into your pocket before its fuse burns out. Then you die and the masked men steal the cow. They put shoes on the four feet of the cow and cover the cow?s mouth. The cow can not shout at all. If you succeed in protecting the cow, you are then an official friend of the Irish Food Industry. Are you ready? Play now.

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